Bootcamp Basics

Posted on September 14, 2014

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I have successfully completed one week of coding bootcamp. We're still in the pre-work stage of things, so I haven't been to class yet, but I've been busy at home.

Given the workload, I'm glad I set this blog up before we were given assignments. It took the better part of four days to get this up and running with a bare minimum of styling. But! I had it ready beforehand, and now I need to start using it.

Last week was a week of fundamentals. I completed the first 12 screencasts over at ACLTC's website. I've already gone over this before, over at Codecademy but something that I noticed this time around is that I'm able to be much more creative. When I was first leaning about loops and Boolean logic and variables, the Codecademy lessons would say something like, "Make up whatever you like using a while loop (for instance)" and I would freeze up. I wouldn't be able think of _anything_ to put in a while loop.

Going over the same material now, having had a few months experience writing stupid little programs, it's much easy to stretch my creative muscles. I haven't felt that panic to try to think of anything with a blank mind. I find myself excited to start the next assignment. It's an encouraging feeling.

Speaking of which, our instructor, Jay, just emailed me about Week 2, assignments. I'm itching to stay ahead of schedule, so I'm going to give them a look.